Episode 1: Off the Cuff

The series has landed! Hey, that’s episode 2 of Futurama. But it’s also the phrase I’m using to announce that the Nerd Against the Machine podcast is now actually a thing!

If you’re not sure what you’re tuning into, let me briefly explain: We’re two nerds. We chat about anything and everything we feel like. We don’t have show topics; we don’t have a set schedule; most of the time, we don’t even really know what we’re doing.

So, on this, the inaugural episode, we talk about anything from south-east asian horror movies to punk rock gigs in dirty basement, Cuban cuisine to beer drinking, and I briefly regale you all with what I did today: visit the Danish ComicCon — which was a somewhat underwhelming experience.

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AuthorTroels Pleimert

Other half of the duo, and also host of the Space Quest Historian podcast and co-host of the Back Seat Designers podcast. Enjoys adventure games, horror movies, making shitty music, and hanging out on Twitter all day.

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