Episode 4: High School Nerd Clique Lunch Table

Today, we were supposed to talk a bit about making music. And we do get around to that — in about the last 5 minutes of the show.

The rest of the show is taken up with anecdotes about high school (and the differences between American and Danish high schools), Japanese computers, and how to apply Commodore 64-esque filters to your computer graphics.

As always, it’s a free-flowing, borderline chaotic whirlwind of pure nerddom that we know you’ll love, because we do, and our tastes are impeccable!

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AuthorTroels Pleimert

Other half of the duo, and also host of the Space Quest Historian podcast and co-host of the Back Seat Designers podcast. Enjoys adventure games, horror movies, making shitty music, and hanging out on Twitter all day.

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