Episode 7: Ghost Hour

It’s midnight in Denmark, and late evening in New Jersey. Normally, the Nerds record these episodes during the daytime, but this time they’re up during peak nerd-hours, and shit’s about to get real.

Net Neutrality is one of the big topics of the hour, especially since this was recorded around the time it was make-or-break for whether or not Ajit Pai and his oversized mug would be successful in gutting the free internet that we know.

Seriously, go fuck yourself, dude.

Depressing world news aside, there is also time for levity, too. How do you get your anime fix when you’re a young teenager in the States? Well, it’s not how you get your anime fix when you’re a young teenager in Denmark, that’s for sure!

Also, did you know this? Rob didn’t!

Pictured: Leisure Suit Larry.

All this, and more, on tonight’s midnight special of NATM!

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AuthorTroels Pleimert

Other half of the duo, and also host of the Space Quest Historian podcast and co-host of the Back Seat Designers podcast. Enjoys adventure games, horror movies, making shitty music, and hanging out on Twitter all day.

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