New server! Because the old one caught fire!

Well, that was a fun romp! Our old server decided to keel over and die in the most horrific way possible, forcing a new droplet to be spun up and everything we had rescued from the old server into a new one!

What was it that caused this sysadmin nightmares for days? A broken MySQL server install that was busted past the point of no return, no thanks in part to buggy packages in Ubuntu Server 16.04, a dist-upgrade that went wrong, and the utter bane of my existence, systemd.

Fuck systemd so hard. Seriously, fuck it to hell and back.

I did a simple apt-get upgrade, because, you know, gotta keep everything current and working, right? For the most part, I’ve had little issues doing so even on my Debian desktop, and the worst that happened was my Nvidia drivers had to be reinstalled once from the console. Luckily, my Hackerman powers came through for that!

But in this case, the Ubuntu packages fucked our server over to hell and back. No amount of purging old packages, reinstalling, clearing old configs, or beer could put that server back together again.

Dramatization of the old server.

So, fuck it. We’re using Digital Ocean as our server hosting service, and they allow one to spin up a WordPress server in minutes. Whip up a new one, grab all the content out of the old one, bring it over, and (thank the deities for hindsight!!) using a backup from Updraft Plus, I was able to restore the site back to what it was from before the MySQL setup on the old server went kablooey. A few link fixes on the posts was all that was really needed to restore images and the episode download and stream links. But at least the restore deserves a success fanfare, right?? Yes it does! 😀

Thank the deities again that I decided to at least do system administration and engineering, right? 🙂
Now we can get back into the swing of things! A new episode will be coming soon, so stay tuned!

AuthorRobert Menes

One half of the duo, and also co-host of The Nostalgia Roadtrip podcast. Enjoys beer, coffee, DOS games, all kinds of movies, and making silly posts on Twitter. Keeps the site running with his 1337 sysadmin skillz.

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