Episode 9: Weird Foods and Console Longevities

It’s the new year! Time to kick this up a notch. Robert and Troels discuss weird food, MAGFest 2018, then dive into a lengthy debate on which console had the best longevity in hindsight!

All this started with a book Robert discussed that talks about the crazier culinary side of life…

Mmmmm, crickets and armadillos… yummy!

…before he went on to talk about his (mis)adventures at MAGFest 2018…

Nerds. Nerds EVERYWHERE.

…and then pivoting into Robert and Troels talking about consoles and which ones had the longest runs out there (at least not getting into obscure ones!)

But if there is one thing that Robert and Troels agree on for sure, it’s that the Super Famicom and the European Super Nintendo have the nicer design over the North American Super Nintendo.

This is our A E S T H E T I C

So strap on in and hang on tight for this aesthetic-powered episode of NATM!

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(And as a bonus, you can now get visual guides to help you along with this episode!)

AuthorRobert Menes

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