Nerd Against the Machine is an infrequent “whenever we feel like it” podcast about anything and everything under the nerd sun.

Hosted by two friends from across the pond — Robert in the U.S.; Troels in Denmark — the show has no set schedule, no rules, and no reason for existing other than because its creators felt like it. It’s basically just a show of two friends talking about whatever they feel like in the given moment.

We realize that’s quite a vague description, so here’s a short list of the hosts’ mutual interests, which may crop up during the shows:

  • Computer/video games
  • Movies
  • Food
  • Language
  • Mobile technology
  • Operating systems
  • Playing music
  • Listening to music
  • Podcasting

If you have something you would like to get our take on in an upcoming show, feel free to drop us a line.

You can tweet Robert @lambdacalculus
You can tweet Troels @sqhistorian

AuthorTroels Pleimert

Other half of the duo, and also host of the Space Quest Historian podcast and co-host of the Back Seat Designers podcast. Enjoys adventure games, horror movies, making shitty music, and hanging out on Twitter all day.